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Firm Philosophy 

The legal side of the business is about protecting what's most important to you - your relationships, your assets, and your legacy.  We believe that all businesses no matter their size should have access to quality and curated legal services.  Forget the stuffiness and complicated legal jargon.  To meet our client’s needs, we incorporate a hybrid approach that includes traditional and non-traditional legal services that are both affordable and approachable.​

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The Attorney for Every Preneur™

Client Snapshot

Span across over 25 industries

Headquarters in more than 10 states

Increased revenue/funding by 150%

99% never defaulted on their contracts

100% resolved disputes and avoided litigation

98% success rate before the USPTO (applications and office actions)

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Business Stages from Start to Finish

There are approximately 5 stages to business.  We are experts and well versed at every stage.


You found it!  The thing that burns in your belly and keeps your mind running.  As you brainstorm and plan, you need someone to guide and help you identify and prioritize your legal needs.



 It's time to take the initial steps to legitimize your business.  Let's make sure this is a jump start, and not a false start.  You'll need someone who is knowledgeable to ensure your foundation is solid and legitimate in the eyes of the law.  



You are building on the solid foundation you put in place.  It’s time to take things up a notch and put systems and policies in place.  There will be ups and downs at this stage. Partner with someone who knows what pitfalls to avoid, and who how to mitigate legal liabilities.

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Your business is running like a well oiled machine.  Its time to expand your business and spread your wings.  This will require the same level of strategy that you employed to start the business.  Savviness in business will help navigate your way forward with legal protectection.

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You did it!  You built a business, a legacy, and generational wealth.  You have every reason to be proud.  What's next?  Do you collaborate or expand?  Do you sell or pass it down to the next generation?  Proficiency in these matters is vital to help you determine what’s best for you and ensure you tie up legal loose ends.

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